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The second quotations are from the Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect, from the Rev

August 4, 2022
The second quotations are from the Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect, from the Rev

“Tha girt soo! I will baste thi when aw get thi hwom, one aw tend to!” shaouted Betty Bresskittle; “aw wunder tha artna embarrassed o’ thisen, to stond theer a-feightingk th’ deevil hissel!”

East (Category 2): N. Essex.

Another pull was regarding John Noakes and you can ; London, 1839. Reprinted into the E.D.S., 1895. Since High Totham is to try to the fresh new Northern away from Maldon, I take so it sample to help you fall into Prof. Wright’s “Division dos” as opposed to with the S.W. Essex of “Department 5.” The usage of w having first v happens seem to, as with werry, most, an such like.

Notes. -Sput, spot; teens, walkers; ollis, always; haut, halt; wiew, evaluate. 125 Crake, boast; leas(t)ways, at the very least; sarteny, certainly; monsus, massive, very long.

Sum’dy, somebody; from Meters., anywhere between Maldon and you can Kelvedon; ‘gin, facing, near; four-releet (in the first place four-e leet, lit. “means of five,” four-age as the genitive plural, hence) fulfilling away from five paths.

Dorn’t, don’t; aldoe, although; uster cud (for us’d so you’re able to you’ll), was once able; warsley, vastly, much; loike, like; gulch, greatly, with a bang.

Eastern (Group step three): Norfolk.

The next extract out-of “Good Norfolk Dialogue” try from a work entitled Erratics of the a good Sailor, released anonymously at London area inside 1800, and published by the newest Rev. Joshua Larwood, rector out-of Swanton Morley, close Eastern Dereham. All terminology are common for me, when i was curate from Eastern Dereham from inside the 1861-dos, and read the new dialect each day. The entire conversation are reprinted inside 9 Specimens from English Dialects; Elizabeth.D.S., 1895.

Western (Classification 1): S.W. Shropshire.

The following sample is given into the Skip Jackson’s Shropshire Term-publication, London area, 1879, p. xciv. They makes reference to how Betty Andrews, out-of Pulverbatch, saved the girl nothing child, who’d dropped with the brook.

Southern (Group 2): Wiltshire.

The second better-identified Wiltshire fable try off Wiltshire Stories, from the J. Yonge Akerman (1853). We provide as it stands about Preface in order to Halliwell’s Dictionary; omitting the brand new “Moral.”

New Harnet and Bittle.

Notes. -To see z and you can v to possess initial s and you will f; harnet, hornet; bittle, beetle; zet, sat; right, very; twoad, toad, wretch; a beneficial, he; stinge, sting; bagganet, bayonet.

Southern area (Group step 3): Area away from Wight.

I recollect very well the latest later Mr James Phillips of Merston associated a discussion you to took place anywhere between a couple of their labourers in line with the expression straddle-bob, a beneficial beetle. During luncheon, among them, toward bringing their bren-cheddar (dough and mozzarella cheese) from a tiny bag, watched a thing that had found its method around; hence contributed to the next commentary.

W. Why, good zed one to neyam ez jest zo vittun vor’n as tother; in which he lowz an effective ben caal’d straddlebob previously zunce the new Island is vust meyad.

W. That thee hast, lucky; and we will goo as a result of Arreton towards Free Lion and you may drink us ater i done performs.

South (Classification seven): East Sussex.

W.D. Parish, Vicar of Selmeston; E.D.S. 1875. This new Glossary pertains instead so you can E. rather than W. Sussex, Selmeston are anywhere between Lewes and you may Eastbourne.

Call over, so you can abuse. “The guy arrive here a beneficial-cadging, and you will like he merely performed give me a call over, because I informed your while i hadn’t got naun to provide him.” (Naun, nothing.)

Clocksmith, a watchmaker. “I end up being a little lost time, We feel; to possess I have been compelled to send my observe toward clocksmith. I 131 didn’t make zero feeling of mending it myself; for I’d iled they and I might biled they, after which We would not carry out alot more inside it.”

Cocker-upwards, to help you spoil; in order to polish more with an atmosphere from information. “You can see that it right here guy out-of hers, he is cockered-up specific facts regarding the having to goo aside somewheres right up to the the latest sheeres; and i tell the lady she actually is zero name to be very cluck regarding it; and also for my part I dunno but what We end up being really grateful an’t, getting he had been a chap because the is actually constantly a great-cokeing regarding the shelves, and you can cogging the girl out-of a sunday.” (This new sheeres, people shire from The united kingdomt except Kent and you may Sussex; call, reason; cluck, of spirits; coke, to help you peep; cog, in order to entice.)

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